Skills > Project management

Skills > Project management

Feasibility Surveys

๏ Markets, suppliers, competitors, law, information research
๏ Customer needs definition and demand analysis
Conception and follow up of biddings (suppliers, offices…)

Projects Setup

Concepts formalization
Business plans and operational plannings conception
๏ Franchise contracts and commercial contracts drafting
Operational & juridical structures setups

Company Management

๏ Working and safety procedures setting up and control
Setting up of an accountancy and book-keeping in structures and projects
Administrative and financial supervision of a logistics base and several projects
Follow up and distribution of wages to staff of 50 in emergency context
Activity and financial reporting to clients, investors and partners

Skills carried out and Vision

This skill is very important to me and I wish to keep on improving it and using it in my career. Wishing to be at the core of action,  in a concrete construction process, led me to projects setup.

๏ In every mission I conducted, I could rely on logical, analysis and quick-thinking abilities, acknowledged by my employers.

๏ I have efficiently mastered the challenges of markets new to me thanks to my quick-learning abilities. They also prove useful when it comes to borrow key project setup working tools and techniques, notably in the financial field (business plans, accounting etc.) My  initial training  hadn’t prepared me to such tasks, so I found with a computer a fun way of doing them : building up a good BP on Excel has become a thrilling intellectual challenge to me !

๏ I used these assets to enhance strong forward planning and organization skills, essential to cast a project on the long run. A good overview of things, coupled with the sense of detail allow me to work efficiently on the long view.

A good personal organization is vital to me, I therefore apply acknowledged self-efficiency techniques, which allow me to work in a stress-free atmosphere. I also enjoy sharing such process with my team and learning new ones : successful business is built upon team work and reciprocal learning.

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