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It will help you to fathom the fullness of my career.

  • Having proved my organizational, leadership and negotiating skills in a multicultural context, I henceforth put them at work as the president of Seneque, a consulting firm specialized in communication of influence, political and economic intelligence and crisis management. this project allows me to put together my knowledge in geopolitics and international relations with my expertise in project management, team leadership and company supervision.


  • Six years in journalism gave me major capacities for adaptation, dialogue and human relations in a multicultural context. Media-reporting in several wars taught me how to work and react in difficult circumstances.
  • Subsequently, I directed my career to the creation of humanitarian and business infrastructure in emerging countries. In Kosovo, China and the United Arab Emirates, I learnt to master and coordinate the human, organizational and commercial aspects of logistic, hotel and distribution projects.
  • Wishing to broaden my knowledge in the communication field, I first got an experience in the Event industry and devoted myself to the organization of MédéArt, the mediterranean cultural tourism and objects Forum. Furthermore, as a consultant for FullSIX, an interactive, multi-channels communication leader, I gained a solid expertise in BtoB and BtoC communication and CRM fields.
  • I then joined ICOM, the international Council of Museums as the Director of Programms.